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Just returned from a shotgun trip to Lake Tahoe. It is 99 miles from my door. Hwy 50 winds its way through the Sierras up to 7300 feet at Echo Summit. The drive down from the summit to the Lake Tahoe basin is worth the drive alone. I drove through South Lake Tahoe, CA and Stateline, NV and made my way up the southeast side of the lake. Pulling the Honda off to the side of the road, I found this fantastic huge rock I could meditate on. It was perfect as it was in the woods overlooking the lake. It was so secluded, I was awaiting the sound of the click of the hammer….. a shotgun pointed at my head from some angry landowner. My fate was not to be gunplay on this fine day, it would be those dam buzzing black flies. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. They chased me all the way back to Sacto!


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I met a fellow a few years back who was an open water swimmer and sometimes triathlete. This guy had done some serious swims: across Donner Lake (almost 3 miles), SF Bay, among many others. I had always wanted to try doing triathlon and the water portion was always the sticking point. Reason? Swim class drop out! Ha. I kind of taught myself to swim over the years but never was a speed demon or anything. I actually was quite fearful of open water as many people are. A few years later and some tris under my belt I have come to love open water. Well not all open water…. ocean is still on the bucket list…. (SF Bay in particular). I absolutely love a beautiful alpine lake in the Sierras called Donner Lake. Yes, my readers, the infamous Donner Party were stuck there during their ill-fated journey through the Sierras.

Donner Lake is usually around 66 in July. Not too bad but what I really wanted to try was LAKE TAHOE! Yes! OK… not without a wetsuit though. We rolled out there on a sunny September day. We were told by a good friend in the know that Meeks Bay is a great beach to swim and kayak from! Arriving at the kayak rental shack, I asked the owner, a crusty old Tahoe veteran, what he thought the water temp was? “57 degrees!” he bellowed. I thought to myself I have a wetsuit but no gloves or boots. This should be interesting to see how my hands and feet hold up. 30 minutes later I called it. Face and hands were kind of icy. Here are my swim stats. I think I will stick with Donner Lake, Lake Natoma, and Folsom Lake. Who knows? Maybe down the road I will tackle the SF Bay!!!

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