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Arrived in St. Louis yesterday. I have covered 2900 miles and can attest to Honda being an incredible car. It is going very well and I cannot tell you how different each state is. It is like they are different countries within one big country. The billboards I see are just hilarious: Meth kills, Impeach Barack, Jesus loves you, XXX next 7 exits….. you gotta love America. I am staying in the Historic Soulard District in St. Louis, MO and it is so cool. They call it The Island as it really is a little city within a city. Community garden, neighborhood newspaper, community policing are just a few of the many Soulard activities. It is so nice to not see a Home Depot, an Applebees, and every other chain store on the planet. The city core lives in St. Louie!


Posted September 14, 2011 by ejlindy in travel

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