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Pix From the USA – Part 4   2 comments

The Weather Channel is on and I just heard the meteorologist say Winnemucca. What? Winnemucca? Huh? I am a Weather Channel junkie and I have never ever heard them say Winnemucca, NV. It is like 1500 people! Well… I guess a storm is hammering NV along Interstate 80. The exact route I was just on 3 days ago. As I mentioned, there were many mountain passes along the 80 in NV. I just escaped in time or I may have been in the sports book at the Winnemucca Inn for 5 days! HA.

Winnemucca, NV Amtrak Station

Sturgis, SD Harley Dealer

Billings, MT Hotel

Wall Drug - Wall, SD

Mount Rushmore

Wall Drug


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Solitude At The Devil’s Tower   Leave a comment

Best day of road trip so far! Absolutely gorgeous day. Was in three states today: South Dakota, Wyoming, and now Billings, MT!! I felt one with the land, the road, and the cattle grazing away in the MT sun. I love the West and appreciate this country more than ever. Mount Rushmore this morning was in such a peaceful state I could have meditated like Gandhi. This monument is the grandest American monument and so impressive in its scale and splendor. No massive throng of tourists there or Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. The Tower was so empty and silent it was eerie. I was actually able to sit in silence there as well as Mount Rushmore. This CA resident is not used to such solitude.

Rolled into Sturgis, SD today as well. I HAD to swing into the Sturgis Harley Davidson store and buy some leather chaps. (ha). The raucous bars were all shuttered for the summer. Surely they get crazy during the rally. I leave for Idaho tomorrow. My first time in the state of spuds!

Devil's Tower

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Mount Rushmore in Autumn   4 comments

It is 01000 hours and I just returned from a ceremony at Mount Rushmore at night! It was an excellent way to cap off a 10 hour drive day… my longest drive day yet. I left MN in some seriously heavy wind that literally was blowing the Honda around. It was tiring just keeping the car on the road especially when passing 18 wheelers. Stopping in Mitchell, SD, I decided to forgo the corn palace to charge on towards Wall, SD and the famous tourist trap Wall Drug. Finally, I arrived in Rapid City, SD and called 3 different motels to negotiate the best rate. Got a Best Western 25 miles from Abe Lincoln for 55 bucks. Taco Bell beckoned after I saluted George Washington under a starry, cold South Dakota sky. A huge bat flew right by Georgie’s 20 foot long nose.

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Abe Lincoln Here I Come   Leave a comment

Honest Abe here I come! I leave Thursday morning for California via South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, then SACTOWN! I am going to try and see Mount Rushmore as the last time I was there was when I was probably 5. Just got 4 new tires and the car is driving nicely. 123K on the ole Honda. Dang.. I have driven Hondas my whole life. I am a son of teachers you know. My arrival day in California is unknown but this drive back should be shorter than the 3600 miles I traversed a few weeks back. Devil’s Tower and The Great Salt Lake may be on the agenda as will a few roach motels ala Norman Bates. It will be cool to see how many states I was in when this is all said and done. Thank you for reading this everyone!

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