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We just arrived back in MN from WI. After being gone from the Midwest for so long, it is just crazy to be back in this area again. Buick’s, Friday fish frys, Aaron Rogers, Miller High Life, and church are as important in WI as BMW’s, surfboards, iPhones, and artichokes are in CA. The cultures are polar opposites. I love so many things about both regions. The USA is a bunch of different little countries within a country really. I have 2 awesome families in both states and am grateful. When a person leaves their bubble you appreciate things more, understand people better, and have some sort of perspective on things! I love that too. Anyways, the trip to Lambeau Field was incredible. If you are a sports fan it is a MUST SEE. We walked through the actual tunnel to the field like the players do on game day and I thought to myself Mr. Text Message himself graced this concrete.

Mr. Text Message's 1994 Contract

2010 SB Trophy


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