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A Return To Hollywood   Leave a comment

Recently, I made my way down to Burbank, CA to visit an old friend I had not seen in over a decade. I met him when I first landed in Hollywood in 1998. We both had big dreams of music business stardom. I had a great little 5 year run of fun then called it a day. He rocketed to the top and is now running Warner Brothers Records. Amazing. We took a trip down memory lane and saw Muse at the Mayan in Downtown L.A.

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Hollywood Bungalow   4 comments

Tinseltown, Hollywierd, LA LA Land… a few of the many loving references to our nation’s second largest city, Los Angeles.  At one time, this megaopolis was home sweet home.  Five glorious and action packed years in the late 90’s.  I made my return to the Sunset Strip recently. My head spun with memories as I passed each personal landmark.  The Viper Room, House of Blues, Bel Air Hotel, and….. the apartment we stayed in the first weekend we landed in L.A. with our cars packed with all that we owned.  That was almost fifteen years ago and my friend Randy and I are still in the Golden State.  Things are quite a bit different now but what a time that was. Prior to leaving Minnesota, I had saved $5K by working two jobs and living with mom and dad. In addition, I had secured an unpaid internship in Beverly Hills at ICM, Inc., one of the world’s largest talent agencies. Ever seen Swimming With Sharks with Kevin Spacey? I lived that for a bit. The Hollywood set seemed a tad different from the Dayton, MN set. It felt as if I had moved to a foreign land. In a way I had!   Image

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Lord Fletcher!   Leave a comment

Great day with my old Hollywood, CA buddy Joe. We have quite the history in the rock n’ roll business. Joe came down to the Viper Room the night I booked a couple of friends’ bands there and the rest is infamy. Ask Ann. It is so great to catch up with an old friend and the stories we have are great ones. Once in a lifetime stuff happened to us and while we did not strike it Hollywood rich, we have lifelong memories. We went to Lord Fletcher’s on Lake Minnetonka and the weather was beautiful. First nice day in a few weeks. I leave MN happy that everyone is well. I must push Westward again…..

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