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Yesterday was crazy. A full day of nostalgia! We drove up to the tip of Lake Superior to the Twin Ports of Duluth/Superior – or Soup Town as the locals like to call it. I had not been there since I grabbed my college diploma and ran like hell for the Golden State. A huge highlight was casing one of the houses we lived in during college i.e. taking photos, talking, and basically looking like the FBI. Well…. the owner came out to greet us. We were expecting a Stockton, CA shootout but…… he invited us in! OH YE OLE MINNESOTANS!! It was incredible to see that house after all these years and a flood of memories rushed into my head. We had a ball telling the new owner about all the great times. He even let us take some pictures. We also cruised around campus and it was a riot. Two grey hairs walking to class with the new freshman. You do not know where you are going unless you know where you have been!


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