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Swimming With Sharks… I Mean Algae. The Toxic Algae Ironman!   Leave a comment

I just returned from Louisville, KY where I just completed my first Ironman! This was an unusual Ironman in that the swim was almost cancelled due to a toxic algae bloom in the Ohio River. Pretty crazy. For the last month of training, I had no idea if the thing was even going to go off. I continued my training and tried to stay mentally focused which was not easy. I flew to Louisville and still did not know if the swim would happen! Then… 24 hours before the race, they lifted the swim ban and the race was on. YES! 6 months of hard training would not be lost as well as thousands and thousands of dollars. Doing an Ironman is not a cheap endeavor either. The race went well although there were some rocky moments…  I swam over some iron bars in the river and witnessed a violent high-speed bicycle crash. The crash shook me up a bit but I rallied and enjoyed the rest of the race. The last 3 miles of the run were hard but the finish was amazing. The finish line is in downtown Louisville where there are thousands of people cheering and encouraging all the participants. I did gulp some river water but did not get sick. No toxic river water syndrome!! It was a fantastic experience for myself and my parents. Thank you Louisville for hosting an amazing event!

DSCN4542DSCN4557RT1163_062541Ironman RunCT1163_029974


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Camping In A Sierra Snowstorm At 7,500 Feet   2 comments

We spent a few nights at June Lake in the Eastern Sierras of California. We anticipated a little snow and we were not disappointed. It was in the 20’s overnight and I got a bit cold at the 3 AM mark. I swear I had 7 layers on too and 3 pairs of pants. Hahaha. We hiked for 6 hours on SAT and I rode my bike on Sunday. It was magnificent.


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KONA Ironman! Well… Part Of It At Least   1 comment

Just returned from Hawaii and we were on the Big Island! I am doing an Ironman in Louisville, KY in October and I wanted to possibly do some training on the famed Kona Ironman course. I did it……. with my family’s help. Thank you mom and dad! I did the 2.4M ocean swim on one day and the 112 bike on another. The currents were a bit stronger than I anticipated but I felt good and the bike had some serious winds and heat. I am pretty sure the Big Island is my favorite island now. So many different ecosystems.

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Cycling By Snow….   Leave a comment

at 2500 feet! Before my injury, I took a glorious ride up to Foresthill, CA. This is a ride I have done countless times. This time was a bit different though. SNOW! Not snowing per se, but lots of snow on the ground. It was surreal to be cycling by piles of snow. The California sun shone brightly and the temperature was in the 60’s as I pedaled up to Foresthill from the American River Gorge. As they say, California is the only state you can ski and surf in the same day. They must add cycling in mountain snow to the mix! On this ride I descend down from Auburn, CA into the gorge then ascend up approximately 3000 feet to the small town of Foresthill, CA. I ride under and over the Foresthill Bridge, an absolutely stunning structure featured in a few movies. It is the highest bridge in CA and quite a bridge to traverse.

I cannot wait to get out there again. Something tells me I may be a few pounds heavier but will appreciate the ride so much more. Onwards!

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The recovery continues….   Leave a comment

Working left handed is quite a different feel! Not being able to swim, run, bike is a killer. Makes you appreciate it more huh? When gone? For sure. I watch cyclists ride by and I stare and certainly they think something is amiss. The one armed wonder is staring at me. I want to thank Jodie for all her help. Cutting your nails requires assistance from a loved one. Such great fun for her! I am slated to take part in the Donner Lake Triathlon in July but could miss it. We shall see as the doc stressed thinking long term and not risking it. In the meantime, I am trying to walk 3 miles a day and hitting exercise bike at Cal Fit.

Maybe I will go to Fleet Feet and look at shoes.

On another note: Check out Ryan Elmore’s blog:

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RODNEY TO THE RESCUE….   2 comments

and Jodie saves the day! Three days ago I landed hard. Hard on L Street. Trying avoid some people while riding the Trek, I hit a curb landing on my arm, fracturing my right radial head. In non-MD lingo, that is a broken elbow. Ouch! Now the fun begins. Must get to ER. Rodney, the good Samaritan, was walking by and saw me gracefully plant myself on ground. Knowing I had a serious injury, Rodney sprung into action and called Jodie who was on scene quickly.

Waiting for pain meds at Rite Aid.

Th ER was chaos. 1 PM on a Tuesday! Cops chasing people around, kids wailing, massive backlog. A tad stressful but the doctors and nurses were great. I have much respect for these professionals working with limited resources in such high pressure situations. The crazy part is, it looked like I was in worst shape! There may have been many in there that should not be. At one point, we thought about going to another ER but decided against and we only ended up being there approximately five hours! Not too bad. Wonder what bill will be. haha!

I broke my right elbow and I am right-handed so I am poking away at this blog post as Lefty Lindy. I will overcome and get this post to my millions of readers. hehehe. Ice, elevation, etc. My weeks ahead. I really lucked out as no surgery or cast is needed. It should heal just fine. The one thing I chuckle to myself about is… I was biking to work for health and to save gas money. There goes the gas money to doctors and health… well… at least my heart is strong!

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I was out in Gold Country, CA last week with my bicycle for a little riding. Cycling requires a lot of gear and it can be cumbersome getting everything together. It is so easy to forget a water bottle here, sunblock there, helmet here. Packing my stuff for the trip out to Angels Camp, CA, I was certain I grabbed everything I needed. Not so fast Lindy.

As I embarked for the trip from Angels’s Camp, CA to Copperopolis, CA, I realized that the road I was traversing was extremely dangerous for bicycles. I pushed on as my destination was only ten miles away. Two miles into the ride, it occurred to me I forgot something sort of important. Of course right? Sitting at home in my cycling box was the all important TIRE IRON! If I flatted, that tire iron would come in pretty handy. I did have a tube and a pump but that dang tire iron was at home. Oh well.. I literally had flatted only twice in like the last 3,000 miles. I will be fine. Think again Lindy!

Five miles in and sure enough! MASSIVE TIRE BLOWOUT. Lucky Lindy! Now… I probably could find a way to change this tire with my bare hands but it would have been difficult. I was sitting on the side of the road contemplating my next move when out of the clear blue California sky a GMC pickup pulled up. Turns out an avid area cyclist was just then driving by and to make a long story short the dude had a tire iron. What are the chances? A gift from the cycling GODS! We fixed it up and off I went back to the timeshare where I put my bike away and ran the rest of the trip.

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