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Greetings From The NV Desert   Leave a comment

I am living it up in the middle of the desert in Nevada. I decided to go all out and get a room at the Winnemucca Inn & Casino. It is a step up from the Super 8 and it has a sports book! Please imagine what type of clientele an ultra remote desert casino two hours from Reno has. Let’s just say it ranks right up there with the Bellagio in Vegas. Hehe. Figuring this is my last night on the road, I thought this was a night to celebrate and I put a little action on the Sunday night NFL game. Leaving Idaho this morning, I headed toward Utah. Utah is such a beautiful state and I spent some time in Brigham City and Ogden before pushing off for the Great Salt Lake.


After leaving the shores of Salt Lake, I drove miles along the incredible Great Salt Lake Desert. Pure white sand for miles! They race cars out there and set speed records I guess. Gotta run. Going to head down to casino and live it up in the Mucca!


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