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The State of Spud   2 comments

I am noticing a pattern in America. I definitely see every chain store/rest on the planet in each town. We are a land of Walmarts and Home Depots. Ha. A University of Phx tower is in many towns as well. Tonight, I am going to try and find a NON CHAIN diner and mingle with local Pocatellians. Order some meat loaf, chugg 3 decafs, and people watch. I saw a Florida BMW outside a closed up tire shop in West Yellowstone, MT today. Looking closer at the car, I noticed a flat tire. It was not your regular run of the mill Honda flat tire, it was an ultra high performance BMW flat tire. I bet the locals were like “Um…. we cannot order your $500 tire until Monday sir. Please make yourself at home here in West Yellowstone.”

I drove by the new growth from the 1988 Yellowstone fire today as well and it was so cool. A whole forest of new growth trees. Check this:

Heading to the diner now. Thanks for reading this!

Gallons of Coffee have been consumed

Off I-90 in Big Timber, MT



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