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KANSAS 50 out of 50 states   Leave a comment

for U.S. tourist destination ranking! Not exactly Hawaii. The American West is so vast and empty it boggles the mind. It is no wonder twister after twister can tear through this area and blow away only a few barns. Yes, I know whole towns are destroyed sometimes but dam where are these towns? I was imagining what it would be like to see a tornado out there. Along Interstate 70 I saw a sign for Jesus then a sign for an adult book store. Sign for Jesus, adult book store, over and over. I have been in a few states now and Kansas is the only state I saw this pattern. I just returned from Arthur Bryant’s BBQ in KC, MO. This place is an institution here and truly as Midwestern USA as you can get. The Show Me State awaits…….


Posted September 12, 2011 by ejlindy in travel

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