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I was out in Gold Country, CA last week with my bicycle for a little riding. Cycling requires a lot of gear and it can be cumbersome getting everything together. It is so easy to forget a water bottle here, sunblock there, helmet here. Packing my stuff for the trip out to Angels Camp, CA, I was certain I grabbed everything I needed. Not so fast Lindy.

As I embarked for the trip from Angels’s Camp, CA to Copperopolis, CA, I realized that the road I was traversing was extremely dangerous for bicycles. I pushed on as my destination was only ten miles away. Two miles into the ride, it occurred to me I forgot something sort of important. Of course right? Sitting at home in my cycling box was the all important TIRE IRON! If I flatted, that tire iron would come in pretty handy. I did have a tube and a pump but that dang tire iron was at home. Oh well.. I literally had flatted only twice in like the last 3,000 miles. I will be fine. Think again Lindy!

Five miles in and sure enough! MASSIVE TIRE BLOWOUT. Lucky Lindy! Now… I probably could find a way to change this tire with my bare hands but it would have been difficult. I was sitting on the side of the road contemplating my next move when out of the clear blue California sky a GMC pickup pulled up. Turns out an avid area cyclist was just then driving by and to make a long story short the dude had a tire iron. What are the chances? A gift from the cycling GODS! We fixed it up and off I went back to the timeshare where I put my bike away and ran the rest of the trip.

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