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We summit-ed Ralston Peak in the Lake Tahoe area (Desolation Wilderness) and it was spectacular! The peak is over 9,000 feet and it was ultra clear up there. We saw the whole Tahoe basin. It took us 6 hours total. We hiked part of way and snowshoed near the top. We had 25 pound packs on most of day. Here are the stats:




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The Eastern Sierras!   Leave a comment

Just returned from my first trip to the Eastern Sierras and they are magnificent! We hiked this:



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Sailing on Santa Monica Bay…..   Leave a comment

Took to the seas with a friend of mine. We sailed along the coast past Venice, Santa Monica, and Pacific Palisades. The weather was great!

DSCN3657DSCN3639 - CopyDSCN3629DSCN3637 - CopyDSCN3647DSCN3630

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Sac County Sheriff   Leave a comment

I did another ride along and there were some moments! Like this one. Our cruiser is on someone’s from lawn while my partner ran after a suspect who ended up having an open knife in his hand.


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Donner Lake Road bike ride!   Leave a comment


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Capitol Basketball   Leave a comment


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Donner Summit!   Leave a comment

Donner Summit!

Donner Summit!

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