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La Jolla Rough Water Swim   Leave a comment

I touched down in San Diego last night. My destination. La Jolla Cove. I have so much history in this amazing town dating all the way back to 1988. This trip was a recon trip of sorts. I wanted to swim with the La Jolla Swim Club and meet the local open water swimmers to get the lay of the land….. er…. water. My buddy Sean and I are looking at doing the 3 mile Gatorman swim possibly next year. Well… I swam and then found out from a local this year’s swim was cancelled because there is bacterial contamination in La Jolla Cove. The tourists did not seem to mind. I kind of do. Dang.


DSCN5034 DSCN5035 DSCN5038


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The Eastern Sierras!   Leave a comment

Just returned from my first trip to the Eastern Sierras and they are magnificent! We hiked this:


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Sac County Sheriff   Leave a comment

I did another ride along and there were some moments! Like this one. Our cruiser is on someone’s from lawn while my partner ran after a suspect who ended up having an open knife in his hand.


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Donner Lake Road bike ride!   Leave a comment


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Capitol Basketball   Leave a comment


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Donner Summit!   Leave a comment

Donner Summit!

Donner Summit!

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RT @triathletemag: Windy and cool in tow   Leave a comment

RT @triathletemag: Windy and cool in town in Kona. It’s going to heat up, but will the winds stick around? #IMKona

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