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I took a shotgun trip up to Lake Tahoe this week. I live 99 miles from South Lake Tahoe and always kick myself for not going up there enough. People from all over the world travel to see this magnificent lake and region. I cruised up Highway 50 to Echo Summit where I sat on a rock and did a bit of stretching while taking in an incredible view of the lake from 7300 feet! It is absolutely stunning up there! I left Echo Summit and headed up the west side of the lake where I made my way towards Emerald Bay. I had just ridden a century on my bike around the lake a few years prior and was neat to drive the route. Very mountainous and difficult for a cyclist I tell you. Leaving Emerald Bay, I headed towards Truckee and took Highway 80 back home. Wonderful day. California is incredible.


Posted August 24, 2012 by ejlindy in CALIFORNIA, travel

2 responses to “KEEP TAHOE BLUE

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  1. I love meditating on rocks.

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