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at 2500 feet! Before my injury, I took a glorious ride up to Foresthill, CA. This is a ride I have done countless times. This time was a bit different though. SNOW! Not snowing per se, but lots of snow on the ground. It was surreal to be cycling by piles of snow. The California sun shone brightly and the temperature was in the 60’s as I pedaled up to Foresthill from the American River Gorge. As they say, California is the only state you can ski and surf in the same day. They must add cycling in mountain snow to the mix! On this ride I descend down from Auburn, CA into the gorge then ascend up approximately 3000 feet to the small town of Foresthill, CA. I ride under and over the Foresthill Bridge, an absolutely stunning structure featured in a few movies. It is the highest bridge in CA and quite a bridge to traverse.

I cannot wait to get out there again. Something tells me I may be a few pounds heavier but will appreciate the ride so much more. Onwards!


Posted April 15, 2012 by ejlindy in CALIFORNIA

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