RODNEY TO THE RESCUE….   2 comments

and Jodie saves the day! Three days ago I landed hard. Hard on L Street. Trying avoid some people while riding the Trek, I hit a curb landing on my arm, fracturing my right radial head. In non-MD lingo, that is a broken elbow. Ouch! Now the fun begins. Must get to ER. Rodney, the good Samaritan, was walking by and saw me gracefully plant myself on ground. Knowing I had a serious injury, Rodney sprung into action and called Jodie who was on scene quickly.

Waiting for pain meds at Rite Aid.

Th ER was chaos. 1 PM on a Tuesday! Cops chasing people around, kids wailing, massive backlog. A tad stressful but the doctors and nurses were great. I have much respect for these professionals working with limited resources in such high pressure situations. The crazy part is, it looked like I was in worst shape! There may have been many in there that should not be. At one point, we thought about going to another ER but decided against and we only ended up being there approximately five hours! Not too bad. Wonder what bill will be. haha!

I broke my right elbow and I am right-handed so I am poking away at this blog post as Lefty Lindy. I will overcome and get this post to my millions of readers. hehehe. Ice, elevation, etc. My weeks ahead. I really lucked out as no surgery or cast is needed. It should heal just fine. The one thing I chuckle to myself about is… I was biking to work for health and to save gas money. There goes the gas money to doctors and health… well… at least my heart is strong!


Posted March 23, 2012 by ejlindy in CALIFORNIA, East Sacramento

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2 responses to “RODNEY TO THE RESCUE….

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  1. Theatre of PAIN!

  2. TOTALLY!!!!!!

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