Sweet Dreams In Winnemucca   2 comments

Gosh I seriously think I am more tired from driving than on training days for a triathlon. Man did I sleep well in my suite last nite. I noticed I have glasses instead of paper cups in my room so I definitely am living like a high roller. The Ravens came in for me last night and everything has been going just great. Maybe I will stop in a Sparks, NV casino for a little Monday Night Football action? Maybe not. I will be heading into Sacramento this afternoon and what an odessey it has been. 5900 miles driven, 500 miles riden, numerous cities, numerous states, 400 gallons of coffee consumed, many, many people seen, and a much greater appreciation for the American West. I tell you, I will drive a Honda for the rest of my days. My car has like 125K on it and it was incredible on the road. I still have 4 hours left so I probably should start knocking on wood. It was great seeing all of you and thank you for the great hospitality and thank you for the kind comments on this blog.

GSLAKE and my Honda


Posted October 3, 2011 by ejlindy in travel

2 responses to “Sweet Dreams In Winnemucca

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  1. Ever lost your car? ….don’t lie!

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