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I am noticing a pattern in America. I definitely see every chain store/rest on the planet in each town. We are a land of Walmarts and Home Depots. Ha. A University of Phx tower is in many towns as well. Tonight, I am going to try and find a NON CHAIN diner and mingle with local Pocatellians. Order some meat loaf, chugg 3 decafs, and people watch. I saw a Florida BMW outside a closed up tire shop in West Yellowstone, MT today. Looking closer at the car, I noticed a flat tire. It was not your regular run of the mill Honda flat tire, it was an ultra high performance BMW flat tire. I bet the locals were like “Um…. we cannot order your $500 tire until Monday sir. Please make yourself at home here in West Yellowstone.”

I drove by the new growth from the 1988 Yellowstone fire today as well and it was so cool. A whole forest of new growth trees. Check this:

Heading to the diner now. Thanks for reading this!

Gallons of Coffee have been consumed

Off I-90 in Big Timber, MT



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  1. Big Chain Stores!!!! It’s ironic that we hear so much rhetoric about how important it is to help the small business owners and how we want to protect that small business spirit, but in reality we see a different picture. It’s the big money giants building their empires with little to know interest in the small business owners. They put in those monster stores that carry everything and it’s dirt cheap. Why not just put up a sign and say “Buy here and forget the little guys”. I’m happy to see we share the same appreciation for finding those out-of-the-way gems that make you feel part of something. Right On!

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