Solitude At The Devil’s Tower   Leave a comment

Best day of road trip so far! Absolutely gorgeous day. Was in three states today: South Dakota, Wyoming, and now Billings, MT!! I felt one with the land, the road, and the cattle grazing away in the MT sun. I love the West and appreciate this country more than ever. Mount Rushmore this morning was in such a peaceful state I could have meditated like Gandhi. This monument is the grandest American monument and so impressive in its scale and splendor. No massive throng of tourists there or Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. The Tower was so empty and silent it was eerie. I was actually able to sit in silence there as well as Mount Rushmore. This CA resident is not used to such solitude.

Rolled into Sturgis, SD today as well. I HAD to swing into the Sturgis Harley Davidson store and buy some leather chaps. (ha). The raucous bars were all shuttered for the summer. Surely they get crazy during the rally. I leave for Idaho tomorrow. My first time in the state of spuds!

Devil's Tower


Posted September 30, 2011 by ejlindy in travel

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