Mount Rushmore in Autumn   4 comments

It is 01000 hours and I just returned from a ceremony at Mount Rushmore at night! It was an excellent way to cap off a 10 hour drive day… my longest drive day yet. I left MN in some seriously heavy wind that literally was blowing the Honda around. It was tiring just keeping the car on the road especially when passing 18 wheelers. Stopping in Mitchell, SD, I decided to forgo the corn palace to charge on towards Wall, SD and the famous tourist trap Wall Drug. Finally, I arrived in Rapid City, SD and called 3 different motels to negotiate the best rate. Got a Best Western 25 miles from Abe Lincoln for 55 bucks. Taco Bell beckoned after I saluted George Washington under a starry, cold South Dakota sky. A huge bat flew right by Georgie’s 20 foot long nose.


Posted September 29, 2011 by ejlindy in travel

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4 responses to “Mount Rushmore in Autumn

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  1. Very interesting. I have been to Wall Drug and Mount Rushmore and I enjoyed all of it. My wife could spend hours walking among all the tacky things they have for sale at Wall Drug. The black hills of SD are a wonderful sight to see and I bet even more so in the fall. If you have time, you should try and check out WInd Cave National Park. It’s really something to see and the tours are amazing inside the caves.

  2. This vid brought a gd tear to my eye, Lindy. So f’ing patriotic. Did you go to the Sitting Bull monument?

    • Elmy.. I think Mount Rushmore is the grandest monument in America. I went back this AM and was near tears it was so peaceful, sunny, and beautiful. I meditated under Teddy Roosevelt. So amazing. Best day so far on the road! Live the dreem Elmerville!

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