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It is Labor Day 2011 and I am packing for my departure tomorrow at 0600 hrs. It blows my mind how many chargers I need to remember for every gadget necessary to survive a drive around the USA. I mean how in the heck did people do it 20 years ago? Garmin – check, Garmin handheld for running – check, XM radio – check, Kindle – check etc. etc. etc…… insane huh? I am using an ice pack that is designed for a sprained ankle to keep my 7-11 ham and swiss edible. First leg has been established and the Pacific Coast Hwy from Carmel on down has been designated as the beginning. The Central Coast of CA is one of my favorite places in CA and I plan to run with the elephant seals in San Simeon (Yes… that Hurst Castle is there too). After nearly 14 years out here, I have only driven this route twice before and everyone in America must do before the bucket is kicked.


Posted September 5, 2011 by ejlindy in CALIFORNIA, travel

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