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I am going to attempt a long trip around America with absolutely no designer coffees! That means you STARBUX! It will be one hell of a feat for those who know my intense coffee addiction. Elmo, if I make it to Denver, may I be waterboarded with the finest coffees you have to offer? My plan is to chug the most incredible Exxon station black. Stumble into some station at 8 AM with my stainless steel coffee thermos and ask for a 99 cent fill up. Subsistence living is imperative when operating off a severance package with no job in sight. 7-Eleven cashiers be aware of a haggard looking Swede ambling into your store in Kansas with 2 dollars for a 2 week old ham and swiss. No fancy dinners on this trip as this odyssey is about the sun, the open road, and some OZZY OSBOURNE blaring from the Kenwoods.

P.S. I will keep you abreast on my STARBUX ban and if I am, well er, successful.



Posted September 3, 2011 by ejlindy in travel

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