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My last weekend in Sacramento for a while. It is funny as I am eating all the perishables in the fridge and chugging milk like the Midwesterner that I am. When I am through, it will just be a box of Lucky Charms and a few cans of Chunky! No sour milk when I get back to this casa. During my trip, I plan to distance myself from news programs, newspapers, and anything Great Depression 2 related (I will let you know how that turns out). I tend to be a news junkie and, as you all know, the news is quite bleak at the moment. So…….. it is time to explore this amazing country. I hope to be able to do this in Europe someday like my parents just did. But, first things first, the United States are pretty incredible too and the trip logistics are a bit easier. Most importantly, I get to see some friends and family along the way! Heck, a little time out of the American rat race ain’t too bad either.

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Posted September 2, 2011 by ejlindy in travel

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