Cyclocross!!!   Ever heard of it?  Maybe? Maybe not.  From what I gather, it can almost be compared to the NFL in the USA  it is so popular in Belgium and other parts of Europe.  A good friend of mine, who is an avid cyclist, is in the midst of a very busy Cyclocross season.   He was racing in Galt, CA, not exactly a hotbed of cycling activity, but hell you can set up a cyclocross track just about anywhere.  This particular race was on the grounds of a winery.   A winery can be a dangerous site for a race in Europe as the drunken revelry and fan/racer interaction is all part of the tradition and experience.  In America,  you can compare this aspect to a Philadelphia Eagles game in which fans are so enthused and bombed they boo Santa Claus.   At the Galt event, I heard a verbal jab or two between fan and cyclist.  In fact, at one point, I heard the leader of race yell at a few folks.  I was shocked but that is the name of the game!   Haha.    It is always fun to experience something new.


Posted November 29, 2010 by ejlindy in CALIFORNIA

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