Camping In A Sierra Snowstorm At 7,500 Feet   2 comments

We spent a few nights at June Lake in the Eastern Sierras of California. We anticipated a little snow and we were not disappointed. It was in the 20’s overnight and I got a bit cold at the 3 AM mark. I swear I had 7 layers on too and 3 pairs of pants. Hahaha. We hiked for 6 hours on SAT and I rode my bike on Sunday. It was magnificent.


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KONA Ironman! Well… Part Of It At Least   1 comment

Just returned from Hawaii and we were on the Big Island! I am doing an Ironman in Louisville, KY in October and I wanted to possibly do some training on the famed Kona Ironman course. I did it……. with my family’s help. Thank you mom and dad! I did the 2.4M ocean swim on one day and the 112 bike on another. The currents were a bit stronger than I anticipated but I felt good and the bike had some serious winds and heat. I am pretty sure the Big Island is my favorite island now. So many different ecosystems.

DSCN4110 DSCN4100DSCN4122

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Pyramid Peak Was Pretty Blustery   Leave a comment

Just returned from a day hike up to Pyramid Peak in the Desolation Wilderness of CA. My God the summit was so windy. 75 MPH winds. We had to stop just short of the summit due to winds and time constraints. Absolute blast though. It was an arduous 6 hr round trip hike with plenty of post holing. We only saw 3 people the whole time.


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Manila to Palawan…..   1 comment

Just returned from an insane trip to the Philippines. My return journey was as follows:

Sat at Manila airport for 4 hours;
Flew to Guam…. sprinted thru customs (5 hours);
Flew from Guam to Tokyo (4 hours);
Had to transfer airports in Tokyo (5 hours);
Caught flight from Tokyo to SF (9 hours);
Then took BART to AMTRAK to UBER to home in SAC, CA (5 hours)

DUDE!!!!! I used every form of transport you can!

Total time – 32 hours;
Went thru customs in 3 different countries;
Total flight time: 17 hours


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Ralston Peak Summit!   Leave a comment

We summit-ed Ralston Peak in the Lake Tahoe area (Desolation Wilderness) and it was spectacular! The peak is over 9,000 feet and it was ultra clear up there. We saw the whole Tahoe basin. It took us 6 hours total. We hiked part of way and snowshoed near the top. We had 25 pound packs on most of day. Here are the stats:


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The Eastern Sierras!   Leave a comment

Just returned from my first trip to the Eastern Sierras and they are magnificent! We hiked this:


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Sailing on Santa Monica Bay…..   Leave a comment

Took to the seas with a friend of mine. We sailed along the coast past Venice, Santa Monica, and Pacific Palisades. The weather was great!

DSCN3657DSCN3639 - CopyDSCN3629DSCN3637 - CopyDSCN3647DSCN3630

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