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Donner Summit!

Donner Summit!

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IMG_0928IMG_0908IMG_0932Planes, trains, and automobiles! Well, strike the train part but dang what a weekend it was recently (well… 2 months ago.. took me some time to write). In the span of 2 1/2 days it was a travelfest that included running along the San Francisco Bay and hiking in the Sabino Canyon near Tucson, AZ. It started on a Friday with a marketing meeting in Davis, CA at 2 PM ending with a white knuckler (no not the actual flight) late Sunday night at Tucson International Airport. Did a little stand by flying and it got very close there at the end especially dealing with a particularly squirrely airline customer service rep. I travelled from my marketing meeting to the TenderNob district of San Francisco where I stayed with a buddy on Friday. We planned a trail run along the SF Bay at Lands End in the morning. We awoke Saturday AM and embarked for the Lands End trail at the end of Geary Street. This trail is incredible as it winds from the Cliff House along the San Francisco Bay up towards the Golden Gate Bridge.

After our 5 mile run, I dropped off my buddy Phil and cruised back out to Dixon, CA where my office is to do a bit of work. At this point, it had been 24 hours since this weekend began and I am just getting started! After a few posts on our Facebook page and some tweets, I was ready to make my way back home to pack for my trip to Tucson, AZ that evening. I had some stand by flying to do which is always a blast. I actually LIKE it. I am a bit odd I know. I headed to Sacramento International to catch a 5 PM flight to Arizona by way of Los Angeles. It got a little dicey in L.A. but I finally made it to Tucson at 10 PM Saturday night. The airport was an absolute ghost town as I waited outside in the warm Arizona air. My buddy Chris picked me up and we proceeded to a killer resort, maybe a Marriott, outside of town. The next day we embarked for Sabino Canyon for a hike in the Arizona desert. The city list is up to Davis, Sacramento, Dixon, San Francisco, Los Angeles, CA and now Tucson! Sabino Canyon is like a forest in the desert as there is a creek running through this particular area. After a day of desert living, I headed to the Tucson airport and just barely got on the last flight out of Tucson. I got the last seat! I had to work Monday AM so it was imperative I snag that seat! I arrived back home in Sacramento by midnight and it took me a few days to decompress.

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RT @triathletemag: Windy and cool in town in Kona. It’s going to heat up, but will the winds stick around? #IMKona

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Hollywood Bungalow   4 comments

Tinseltown, Hollywierd, LA LA Land… a few of the many loving references to our nation’s second largest city, Los Angeles.  At one time, this megaopolis was home sweet home.  Five glorious and action packed years in the late 90′s.  I made my return to the Sunset Strip recently. My head spun with memories as I passed each personal landmark.  The Viper Room, House of Blues, Bel Air Hotel, and….. the apartment we stayed in the first weekend we landed in L.A. with our cars packed with all that we owned.  That was almost fifteen years ago and my friend Randy and I are still in the Golden State.  Things are quite a bit different now but what a time that was. Prior to leaving Minnesota, I had saved $5K by working two jobs and living with mom and dad. In addition, I had secured an unpaid internship in Beverly Hills at ICM, Inc., one of the world’s largest talent agencies. Ever seen Swimming With Sharks with Kevin Spacey? I lived that for a bit. The Hollywood set seemed a tad different from the Dayton, MN set. It felt as if I had moved to a foreign land. In a way I had!   Image

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KEEP TAHOE BLUE   2 comments

I took a shotgun trip up to Lake Tahoe this week. I live 99 miles from South Lake Tahoe and always kick myself for not going up there enough. People from all over the world travel to see this magnificent lake and region. I cruised up Highway 50 to Echo Summit where I sat on a rock and did a bit of stretching while taking in an incredible view of the lake from 7300 feet! It is absolutely stunning up there! I left Echo Summit and headed up the west side of the lake where I made my way towards Emerald Bay. I had just ridden a century on my bike around the lake a few years prior and was neat to drive the route. Very mountainous and difficult for a cyclist I tell you. Leaving Emerald Bay, I headed towards Truckee and took Highway 80 back home. Wonderful day. California is incredible.

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